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PhotobookPart 01: Covers, Contents, Portraits, Professional Page

I began my photobook with six of the twenty pages in Indesign. I used the “place” function to insert images from my past blog posts, then resized and moved them into their current layout. I imported my logo/watermark from illustrator for the front and back covers.

9a_photobooklayout_01 9a_photobooklayout_02 9a_photobooklayout_03 9a_photobooklayout_05 9a_photobooklayout_06 9a_photobooklayout_04

Visual Media – Project 07: Webpage (HTML & CSS)


Description: A web page created using HTML and CSS in a text editor to showcase an improved version of my Project 05 logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): This was the first time that I’ve ever began a visual media project by typing words. I had never made anything using html before so I was very nervous going into this project. I was worried it was going to turn out as bad as my Microsoft Word event ad… But it didn’t! I hope…

Our last two class periods were invaluable and I have to give a huge amount of credit to my instructor, Joel Judkins, for somehow getting me to understand how to do this and actually enjoy it. I started by revising points from the Project 05 blog post and typing them into my html document. <> I then tagged them </> properly so that everything was labled and ready for the stylesheet. This week I wrote the style sheet. I decided early on that I wanted a fixed, black-and-white photo background, with a scrolling body to give the page visual depth.

Message: As before, Professional Audio Made Simple

Audience: Anyone mildly interested in Audio Production, or experienced producers and engineers.

Top Thing Learned: How to make web pages that look awesome in a text editor

Color scheme and color hex(s): monochromatic, blue #34c6f4

Title Font Families & Category: Myriad Pro (sans serif)

Copy Font Families & Category: Arial (sans serif)

Changes made to the CSS: Creating a fixed background

Word Count: 231

Visual Media Project 3 Activity: Photography


Outside Light


Inside Light


Foreground in Focus


Background in Focus




Lead Room


In this project, I was A. really excited to start working with Photoshop again, B. I was also really Excited to learn about photography. I’ve only mainly used Photoshop for drawing things and making graphics, so learning to use it for its intended purpose is really great. I’m surprised by how simple it is to get great results when I know what I’m doing (all the Levels stuff and whatnot).

For the project I took my little Doctor Who vinyl figure along with his trusty TARDIS (spaceship that looks like a police box) all over the BYU Idaho campus looking for good places to take pictures. The things I was looking for included good light, contrasting details, and open space, to name a few. My favorite photograph I was able to take has to be the last one “Lead Room.” I liked having the background really far away from the subject so that I was able to get good bokeh and contrast. I’m still learning this stuff, so none of them are excellent by a long shot; however, I’m really enjoying the things I’m learning and I can’t wait to continue this project.