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Photo Contest

I entered the “Unedited” contest on viewbug using three of the ghost photos that I took in Bannack

img_0174 img_0180 img_0188


here is the link to the contest entry:

Gunnar Tolman – Photobook (Final)


Link to PDF of Photobook


This is my finished photobook. I chose to showcase some of my favorite pictures that I took for my digital imaging class. I edited the photos and created the covers using Photoshop, then made the rest of the book in InDesign.

My favorite part was the extra photoshoot I did for the “Light” section. It was fun being able to incorporate a bunch of the techniques that we’ve learned throughout the class and do a project on my own without any guidelines to see what I could come up with. I really liked creating this photobook and being able to loook back at what I’ve learned this semester. I hope you all enjoy it!

-Gunnar Tolman

Unsharp Masking – Tutorial Video

PDF Tutorial

For this tutorial, I set up a microphone in a quiet room and used OBS Studio (screen capture software) to record myself demonstrating unsharp masking in Adobe Photoshop CC on my laptop. I trimmed the beginning and end of the footage using Adobe Premiere CC. I also added in an extra clip explaining the need to select white as the foreground color before using the brush tool since I forgot to mention that in the original recording.

I created the pdf in Adobe InDesign CC. I chose a simple design, nothing more than text and screenshots, to make the concept easier to understand. I used as many screenshots as would fit reasonably on two pages so that each step is clearly illustrated.

This tutorial was inspired by one on, found HERE

Fine Art Print – Presentation

Video Presentation:



Fine Art Top 5

gunnartolman_macro_waterdrops_01_fineart5 gunnartolman_macro_waterdrops_02_fineart5 parrot_01_fineart5 roses_01_fineart5 web_bannack_levitation_01

Halfway done with my Photobook!

Just an update to my work in progress photobook. I added my actual signature to the back cover as well as three more spreads: ghost portraits, composites and some nature macros.

gunnartolman_photobook_covers_01_front photobook_contents_01 photobook_spread_01 photobook_spread_02 photobook_spread_03 photobook_spread_04 photobook_professionalpage_01 gunnartolman_photobook_covers_02_back

Extras – Light Painting Stuff

I wanted to add some fun extras to my photobook, so I spent a few hours today with all the lights off in my apartment (except for a flashlight, some glowsticks, a penlight and UV flashlight) taking some fun portraits of my roommate and some of our friends. I adjusted the camera settings to let in as little light as possible, then changed the shutter speed to between 10 and 30 seconds. the effect was a long period of time to shine various lights on different parts of the subject (or behind them) to get a really fun effect.

web_img_0555 web_img_0588 web_img_0597-2 web_img_0568 web_img_0650 web_img_0584 web_img_0637 web_img_0623


More Bannack – Typography

This is my final post (maybe…) from the Bannack, Montana photo excursion. On the trip I took several photos of the details around the edges of windows in all of the old, abandoned buildings. For this assignment, I added text to a few of them, along with my watermark and a little Levels editing in Photoshop.


In this first image, I created a clipping mask in Photoshop (five rectangles) and used them to cut out part of a photo I had taken. I also added an enlarged and barely visible duplicate of the whole photo in the the background.



I really enjoyed the concept of taking pictures of aged, dirty and scratched windows with the glass itself in focus, rather than what lies beyond the glass.



This picture, I feel, goes along with the theme of longing to see what’s on the other side of the glass but not being able to get past what is right in front of you. Maybe you’ve waited so long to go after a dream that the window latch has rusted over and become covered in webs, preventing you from easily opening the window and enjoying the view.



Finally, we start to see through the glass a little at what lies beyond.



Here are some more window photos I got on the trip:

img_9891 img_9817 img_9797 img_9934 img_9994 img_9988


Bannack Ghost Town – Some Creative Stuff

Here are some of the more creative images I was able to get from the Bannack trip:


At lunch we got to learn some of the history of Bannack, and one story that stuck out to me as a photo oppotunity was about five men who were hanged from the local gallows within a 48 hour period. I rounded up as many of the models as I could and took them to the gallows to essentially portray the ghosts of the five criminals. This is a blend of two different shots taken from the same angle (one with the subjects and one without), so by erasing parts of the top image I was able to “ghost” the subjects as they are metaphorically returning from beyond the grave. I did a hard cut along the edge where one of the cowboy’s jackets was hanging out the back of the pole, so that the idea of them stepping out of a two-dimensional plane looks more realistic and spooky.



Here’s a fun levitation photo I was able to get by taking one picture of the room completely empty, then another of my leaning back on a bench while being supported by one of my classmates.

web_img_0099 web_img_0107



This was my group on the trip. The image is a blend of three photos: one with just the pole and background, one with the subjects on the right side, then one with those on the left. Some clicks in Photoshop later, and now it looks like we’re all able to fit behind the pole.

img_0490-edited img_0499-edited img_0480-edited



This is one of the many “ghost photos” I took on the trip. I did this by going into a dark hallway and setting the shutter speed on the camera for at least 15 seconds. I press the shutter button, wait for a second or two, walk into the shot and hold a pose for about 10 seconds, then hurry and run back behind the camera. The less time I spend in the shot, the more see-through I look. It took me a lot of practice to finally get the timing down to a sort-of-science so that I’m not too opaque, but also not too “ghosty.”



“Still Alone”

Another ghost picture. This one is straight out of the camera.



Bannack Ghost Town – Non Portraits

I also took a number of non-portrait photos on the Bannack excursion. Here are a few of my favorites:


This photo was taken in broad daylight on the outskirts of town of I deer family I found. I used the Levels and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers in Photoshop to make the lighting much more dramatic. So much so that this warrants a “before” image:




Just a cool, creepy doorway facing the main street of the town. Some sharpening and Levels in Photoshop.



Peeling wood siding on one of the buildings. Sharpening mask, Levels, and an extra masked Levels layer used as a vignette.



Another ghost photo. This is me hiding behind a stairway. I used the Black  White adjustment layer in Photoshop for the grayscale effect and played with the colors until my hand looked a little paler than normal.



This image is actually three separate photos of the same room at different exposure settings blended together in Photoshop using layer masking. Here are the originals:

bannack_fineart_01_before_01 bannack_fineart_01_before_02 bannack_fineart_01_before_03


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