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COMM 100 Weekly Blog 10

This week was the Senior Showcase, or as I will refer to it from now on: Comm Con 😉

This was by far the best “class” of the whole semester. I was given the amazing opportunity to explore projects from all the graduating communication majors. I specifically went after all of the video production booths. I met some really talented and dedicated people, and learned some great advice from them. One of the most important things I learned was to start getting real world experience NOW. What I heard consistently were things like: “get a camera in your hands… now,” “learn Premiere… now,” “Take a practicum class… now,” “Start watching After Effects tutorials… now,” “Apply for Soapbox… now.” The whole event was really inspiring and fascinating to attend.

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 09

This week Tyler Christensen from the College of Business and Communication’s Academic Advising Center came and spoke about constructing our grad plans. At the beginning of the semester I started working on my grad plan but never got it done because I didn’t think it was very important. It took having it as an assignment for this class and Brother Christensen’s presentation to convince me otherwise. I finished my plan shortly after the class and got it approved and I can honestly say it was worth the mild annoyance 🙂 I’m glad that I have it now because it will make registering for future classes so much easier; I already know what classes I’m taking in each semester for the next 3.5 years.

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 08

This week we were privileged  to hear a presentation from Sister Andra Hansen on the Organizational Communication and Advocacy emphasis. It was really interesting to learn what it was really about. She also gave us a valuable list of things employers in Organizational Comm are looking for:

Employers want:

Work In a team structure
Make decisions and solve problems
Communicate verbally in and outside organization
Plan, organize, and prioritize work
Obtain and process information
Analyze quantitative data
Technical knowledge related to job
Proficiency with software
Create and/or edit written reports
Influence others

Even though I’m in Video Production, I can still apply these principles to my own career.

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 07

This weeks presentation was given on the Public Relations emphasis by BYUI pofessor Ward Hicks. He talked about his experiences working for a copper mine in PR, and how he had to work to educate people about what the mine was really about. He said that Public Relations is all about education. One thing that stood out to me that I can definitely apply to Video Production is the importance of working for good, ethical companies. He made the metaphor: “you can’t pour perfume on a skunk and make it smell good.” Trying to talk up a bad company is “straight-up lying” he said. I will remember this when I am looking for employment and choose to work for people that I will feel confident representing through my work.

COMM100 – Weekly Blog 06

This week our presentation was given by Professor Jeff Hochstrasser who teaches within the Advertising emphasis. He began by telling us all to find what our passion is. We watched a mormon message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). In the video he talked about how all people, being children of God, have an intrinsic desire to create. Prof. Hochstrasser taught about the definition of advertising:

“Structured and composed non-personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods, services and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media.”

An interesting point that he made was the difference between entertainment and good advertising. We watched one of the recent super bowl ads and found that while it was in fact entertaining, it didn’t tell us anything important about the product being advertised.

COMM 100 – Weekly Blog 05


Today, Sister Caryn Esplin gave a thrilling presentation on the Visual Communication emphasis. This class further convinced me to do Visual Comm as my module. Sister Esplin stressed the importance of having a wide range of skills in our portfolio. An important thing I learned was having good “ESV value.” ESV stands for:


What that means is being able to accomplish things efficiently, with high quality, using many different skills. This makes you more likely to be hired because employers would rather have one person who can do multiple things than two or three people to do all of those jobs.

COMM 100 – Weekly Blog 03 (really 04 because I missed the first week…)

This week I got to hear from professors Brian Howard and Christian Mawlam about broadcast journalism and video production, respectively. It was really great being able to hear about what my chosen emphasis will be like and the different courses and experience building tools I can have access to here at BYU Idaho. One of the things that keeps on popping up in these presentations every week is the word “experience.” Specifically how gaining experience in the industry we want to be in now will help us get jobs in it later. I really liked seeing the video about the BYUtv broadcasting truck and how they operate and cover live sporting events. I also enjoyed Brother Mawlam’s video projects, which gave an example of the kind of production skills I have the opportunity to learn in these courses. It was cool learning how technology is evolving to enable less people to do more in a production, but also scary because it means competition is higher. The biggest thing that stuck with me from the whole presentation was when Brother Howard talked about how we are all living in the “real world” right now, and the importance of establishing good relationships with our peers and with professionals. Our reputations we are building at college will affect our careers for a long time. Overall I can’t wait to start taking video production classes in the coming semesters.

COMM 100 – Weekly Blog 02


Thursday, May 5, 2016


Today in class we got to hear from Brother Lane Williams who teaches journalism here at BYU Idaho. I learned five principles to help me have a better career in communications; one of which was to write in our blogs consistently about something we care about. This can improve writing skills and open up opportunities for professional experience. I learned that the more I write about something, the more knowledgeable I can become about that topic/career, which will help me make meaningful connections to other people in that field. I’m considering really applying this concept and making a music blog to supplement this one. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

COMM 100 – Weekly Blog 01

4-28-16 Class Summary

This week was my first day in class, as I recently changed my major from Business Management to Communication with an emphasis in Video Production. Today I got to learn from a presentation by John Thompson, BYU Idaho’s General Manager of I-Comm Student Media. I learned about all of the different opportunities that are available for Communication majors to gain invaluable experience within their chosen emphasis and beyond.  I remember him saying that when he looks at a resume, he doesn’t care about where the person went to school, he cares about real experience. One opportunity to gain writing, journalism, design, and publishing experience is with BYU Idaho Scroll. Soapbox Agency works on advertising and video productions for real clients. Our class got to hear from some of the students who work in these organizations, and it was really neat to see how willing and able this school is to give the students the real world experience we need. Whether it be leadership skills, the knowledge to work with professional equipment, or receiving and implementing project feedback, the Communication department is there to help us on our academic and career journey. I am excited to start learning everything I can and acquire new abilities.