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Photo Contest

I entered the “Unedited” contest on viewbug using three of the ghost photos that I took in Bannack

img_0174 img_0180 img_0188


here is the link to the contest entry:

Gunnar Tolman – Photobook (Final)


Link to PDF of Photobook


This is my finished photobook. I chose to showcase some of my favorite pictures that I took for my digital imaging class. I edited the photos and created the covers using Photoshop, then made the rest of the book in InDesign.

My favorite part was the extra photoshoot I did for the “Light” section. It was fun being able to incorporate a bunch of the techniques that we’ve learned throughout the class and do a project on my own without any guidelines to see what I could come up with. I really liked creating this photobook and being able to loook back at what I’ve learned this semester. I hope you all enjoy it!

-Gunnar Tolman