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Motion Photos: Freeze and Blur

Here’s some fun images illustrating motion in different ways:

"Falling with Style"; 09/27/16 12pm; FL: 36mm; f/4.5; 1/4000; Canon T3i

“Falling with Style”; 09/27/16 12pm; Centre Square Apartments – Rexburg, ID; FL: 36mm; f/4.5; 1/4000; Canon T3i

"Nerf Sniper"; 09/27/16 6pm; Centre Square Apartments - Rexburg, ID; FL: 135mm; f/5.6; 1/2000; Canon T3i

“Nerf Sniper”; 09/27/16 6pm; Centre Square Apartments – Rexburg, ID; FL: 135mm; f/5.6; 1/2000; Canon T3i

"LiquidClouds"; 09/27/16 12pm; Thomas E. Ricks Gardens - BYUIdaho - Rexburg, ID ;FL: 36mm; f/4.5; 1/4000; Canon T3i

“LiquidClouds”; 09/27/16 10am; Thomas E. Ricks Gardens – BYUIdaho – Rexburg, ID ;FL: 64mm; f/22; 5/2; Canon T3i

"The Game is On"; 09/27/16 10pm; Corner of W 2nd S and S1st W Rexburg, ID ;FL: 26mm; f/5.6; 5/2; Canon T3i

“The Game is On”; 09/27/16 10pm; Corner of W 2nd S and S1st W Rexburg, ID ;FL: 26mm; f/5.6; 5/2; Canon T3i


Learning about how to set DSLR camera settings this week was my favorite thing of the semester so far. I rented a T3i from the BYUI Production Office for a day and took around 300+ photos just trying to put into practice what we learned in class. Of those I decided on these four images.

The first, “Falling with Style,” was taken in my apartment complex. The model was one of my friends, and yes, she actually did fall off of that wall in that exact place for this photo. The secret is the second photo I took beforehand from the same angle with the exact same settings, but with no subject in the frame. In Photoshop, I put the subject photo on top of the “background” one and simply used the eraser tool to remove the two mattresses that we had placed in the landing zone.

The second photo is of one of my roommates shooting one of my NERF blasters. I had to take about 50 photos until I caught one of the foam dart just exiting the barrel, frozen in midair.

“Liquid Clouds” was taken in the Ricks Gardens of one of the smallest waterfalls there. I laid down on my stomach in the mud and braced the camera on a flat, smooth rock to get this close-up 5-second exposure. The effect of the moving water being blurred reminded me of the look of clouds.

For the fourth, I stood on a busy street corner just 10 minutes north of my apartment and set up the camera on one of those crosswalk buttons. I set everything just right (another 5-second exposure) and had my roommate from the second photo press the shutter as cars started to drive by.

Photobook Layout (Work-in-Progress)


This photobook layout design is closely based on my portfolio design from my Visual Media class last semester. I wanted to be able to drop this into my existing portfolio and have it match. The goal of the design is to provide contrast to the photos (dark background with light images) as well as simplicity and balance (the circle in the bottom right balances my logo in the top left. I used the photos from my “past photos” blog post as well as a new project I made for fun over the weekend (album art).

Past Photos



My name is Gunnar Tolman. I’m from Iona, Idaho and this is my second semester at BYU-I. I’m a Communication major with a Video Production emphasis and I’m taking Digital Imaging to improve my camera skills.

Here are some of my past photos:


I love making and performing music, so a couple years ago I built a lego model of a fantasy concert. I took this photo trying to achieve an angle that would make this look like an actual place. No edits.


I took this photo last semester (spring 2016) in the Ricks Gardens. I found this perfectly intact blossom on the ground, and my friend set it down on this ledge and I thought it looked cool. For edits I added some vignetting and contrast.


I took this of my Doctor Who figurine outside the Manwaring Center. Since my camera doesn’t have an option for shallow depth of field, if I want a blurry background it has to be really far away. I think the only things I had to edit were the vibrance and contrast.


I took some photos of some of my music gear, and this one was probably my favorite. I didn’t perform any edits on this one.


I wanted to try taking a texture photo. This is the kithcen floor of Centre Square Apartments. Contrast and Vignetting added.