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Visual Media Project 09: PORTFOLIO

Gunnar Tolman: Visual Media Portfolio by Gunnar Tolman on Scribd

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A portfolio showcasing all of my COMM130: Visual Media projects this semester



I knew from the beginning that I wanted the brochure project to be first in the portfolio, so I wanted to emulate its design/color scheme for the whole portfolio. This way, if someone only views the first few pages, everything will flow smoothly visually speaking. I included gradients in the design instead of solid colors; specifically purple to blue to teal, because I use at least one variation of those colors in all of the projects I showcased. This way, no matter which project page the viewer sees, the portfolio design will have something in common, which I think helps the gestalt factor a lot. Originally, each description page had the same gradient line going down the left side; I received some really valuable feedback with an idea to vary the design between pages, so I recreated one of the “O”s from the title font in Illustrator and used it as a clipping mask for a gradient layer in Photoshop to get the final effect. I used the same method on my name on both the cover and spine of the portfolio. Because we needed to spend a designated two hours updating past projects or creating a new one, I created a T-shirt design that, had I made sooner in the semester, I would have made real shirts my classmates and I could wear. I still ordered a few for myself 😉 I created three different designs in Illustrator, each embodying a different design principle we learned over the semester. The number of hours I spent in the conceptual stage far surpassed two hours, let alone the time it took to make the designs themselves. I found a really cool T-shirt template on, which used some pretty advanced aspects of Photoshop I had no idea how to use. One in particular I really found interesting was displacements maps, which are .psd files that can store a 3D “map” of the texture of a surface. In this application, they were used to map the wrinkles in the T-shirt photos, so that when I correctly imported my designs from Illustrator, they would “wrinkle” the same way as the shirt itself. This makes the designs look as though they are actually printed on the shirt.



High-quality, professional design



My instructors for this class as well as potential employers in the future


Top Thing Learned:

Learning how to use and create displacement maps in Photoshop, as well as using Master Pages in InDesign


Future Application of Visual Media:

I chose Visual Media as my module next to my emphasis in Video Production for my Communication major, so I will be taking more classes and looking for real-world applications throughout the next three and a half years as well as my future career.


Color Scheme and Color Names:

Analogous; Purple, Indigo/Blue, Teal

Title Font Name & Categories:

Elektora – Sans serif


Body Copy Font Name & Categories:

Century Gothic – Sans serif


Thumbnail of Template Used:

Link to T-Shirt Template (No Other External Images Used):

Visual Media Project 08: Brochure (Tolman Sound Labs)







Video Overview:


A duplex brochure for a hypothetical sound studio business.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

My first priority was to create a new logo. To do that I had to envision a whole new business that the logo would be for. This was by far the most challenging part of the project, because of the initial deadline for the first critique draft. I’m grateful for the challenge though, because it pushed me to come up with the rest of the brochure’s design quickly, so I could have more time to gradually improve the design overall.

I looked through literally hundreds of fonts until I found “the one” (Elektora Regular). I used that for “TOLMAN” and used my title and body font, “Century Gothic” for “SOUND LABS.” I also included some subtle audio bars to emulate the logo of it’s fictional parent company, SONNIK Audio.

Overall I wanted to use big, full-bleed photos in the brochure to really draw in the eye, so in order to put text on top of those photos and have it be legible I added semi-transparent black boxes behind each text box to give the words more contrast.

I took a part of the top photo (the studio guy) and cut him out in Photoshop and saved him as a separate .PNG file, which I then placed over the full image in InDesign so that I could wrap the text arund just him. This was one of the coolest learning experiences of the project for me.

Finally, I added a duplicate of the sound mixer image on the front (per the request of another student who was kind enough to critique my second draft) which would flow into it’s twin image on the inside to create more motivation on the part of the viewr to actually open the brochure. Originally I only had a flat gray background so I feel like this was a great improvement.


Message: Show off the high-tech yet simple and professional yet fun and creative atmosphere of a Tolman Sound Labs studio 🙂

Audience: Musicians, Producers, Audio Engineers, Sound Designers, as well as anyone who needs live sound/lights for an event.

Top Thing Learned: How to adjust the opacity of an object in InDesign

Color scheme and color names: Analogous – Purple, Violet, (with touches of other analogous colors in the “blue half” of the color wheel like teal and blue.)

Title Font Name & Category: Century Gothic / Sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Century Gothic / Sans Serif

Word count: 279

Thumbnails of Images used:

photo-1463421585849-6b0acf2c9257 download4 photo-1467196271131-42c8c8499d72-2 download