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Visual Media – Project 07: Webpage (HTML & CSS)


Description: A web page created using HTML and CSS in a text editor to showcase an improved version of my Project 05 logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): This was the first time that I’ve ever began a visual media project by typing words. I had never made anything using html before so I was very nervous going into this project. I was worried it was going to turn out as bad as my Microsoft Word event ad… But it didn’t! I hope…

Our last two class periods were invaluable and I have to give a huge amount of credit to my instructor, Joel Judkins, for somehow getting me to understand how to do this and actually enjoy it. I started by revising points from the Project 05 blog post and typing them into my html document. <> I then tagged them </> properly so that everything was labled and ready for the stylesheet. This week I wrote the style sheet. I decided early on that I wanted a fixed, black-and-white photo background, with a scrolling body to give the page visual depth.

Message: As before, Professional Audio Made Simple

Audience: Anyone mildly interested in Audio Production, or experienced producers and engineers.

Top Thing Learned: How to make web pages that look awesome in a text editor

Color scheme and color hex(s): monochromatic, blue #34c6f4

Title Font Families & Category: Myriad Pro (sans serif)

Copy Font Families & Category: Arial (sans serif)

Changes made to the CSS: Creating a fixed background

Word Count: 231

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 10

This week was the Senior Showcase, or as I will refer to it from now on: Comm Con 😉

This was by far the best “class” of the whole semester. I was given the amazing opportunity to explore projects from all the graduating communication majors. I specifically went after all of the video production booths. I met some really talented and dedicated people, and learned some great advice from them. One of the most important things I learned was to start getting real world experience NOW. What I heard consistently were things like: “get a camera in your hands… now,” “learn Premiere… now,” “Take a practicum class… now,” “Start watching After Effects tutorials… now,” “Apply for Soapbox… now.” The whole event was really inspiring and fascinating to attend.

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 09

This week Tyler Christensen from the College of Business and Communication’s Academic Advising Center came and spoke about constructing our grad plans. At the beginning of the semester I started working on my grad plan but never got it done because I didn’t think it was very important. It took having it as an assignment for this class and Brother Christensen’s presentation to convince me otherwise. I finished my plan shortly after the class and got it approved and I can honestly say it was worth the mild annoyance 🙂 I’m glad that I have it now because it will make registering for future classes so much easier; I already know what classes I’m taking in each semester for the next 3.5 years.

Visual Media Project 06: Stationery (Letterhead & Business Card)


Business Card (8×11″ Layout)

Business Card (Large Layout)

Description: Letterhead and Business Card designs using an improved version of the logo I created in my last project

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): My first step in this design project was taking the feedback I received on my logo and using that to improve it. I was told that spacing the letters out might make it more legible, so I did that and I’m happy with how it turned out. I completely re-created the audio bars; this time I used the duplicate action command to improve/equalize the spacing. On the business card, I originally had all of the bars present on the “info side” but decided to replace some of them with the info itself to simplify and de-clutter. I found three social media icons (in vector format) on and included those on the card as well.

Message: Since I’m using the same logo/company from before the message remains the same – “I want to portray the message of professional audio production made simple. Sonnik Audio creates audio and midi equipment/interfaces, as well as cross-platform software plugins that focus on giving the user expansive creative and professional tools in a simple, intuitive package.”

Audience: As with the last project, I want this to reach people who are either in an audio production field, or are interested in sound in general.

Top Thing Learned: Learning to use the duplicate action command in Illustrator to make the audio bars evenly spaced.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Monochromatic; Blue

Body Copy Font Name & Categories: Myriad Pro – Sans serif

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 08

This week we were privileged  to hear a presentation from Sister Andra Hansen on the Organizational Communication and Advocacy emphasis. It was really interesting to learn what it was really about. She also gave us a valuable list of things employers in Organizational Comm are looking for:

Employers want:

Work In a team structure
Make decisions and solve problems
Communicate verbally in and outside organization
Plan, organize, and prioritize work
Obtain and process information
Analyze quantitative data
Technical knowledge related to job
Proficiency with software
Create and/or edit written reports
Influence others

Even though I’m in Video Production, I can still apply these principles to my own career.

Visual Media Project 05: Logo Design


Description: vector logo for a hypothetical audio production hardware/software company

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started and finished this project in Adobe illustrator. I began by typing the word “SONNIK” (which means “book of interpreted dreams” in Russian) in several different fonts looking for one that I could use as a basis for the design. I originally created three different logos: a text-based logo, shape-based logo, and an illustration-based logo. I ultimately chose my text-based logo as a starting point for the final design, due to some great feedback I received from fellow students. I also obtained a great deal of feedback and advice from my instructor, and he generously spent some time teaching me how to use the different tools in Illustrator. My most valuable takeaway from that meeting was a basic knowledge of the pathfinder window, which helped me a lot in this project. After I had chosen the logo I wanted to include in the final draft, I spent a lot of time editing the main font with the pen, direct selection and other tools to make it more simple and legible. I worked on improving the spacing and contrast as well, then created the final project above using three different color variations of the same logo.

Message: I wanted to portray the message of professional audio production made simple. Sonnik Audio (if made a reality) would be a company that creates audio and midi equipment/interfaces, as well as cross-platform software plugins that focus on giving the user expansive creative and professional tools in a simple, intuitive package.

Audience: I want this logo to reach a wide audience of people: Musicians, Audio Engineers, Video Producers and others who work with professional audio that could be either just getting started in the industry, or looking to upgrade their current setup. 

Top Thing Learned: Learning to use the pathfinder window in Illustrator.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Monochromatic; Blue

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: N Gage – Sans serif (I modified this font using various tools.), Myriad Pro – Sans serif

COMM 100 Weekly Blog 07

This weeks presentation was given on the Public Relations emphasis by BYUI pofessor Ward Hicks. He talked about his experiences working for a copper mine in PR, and how he had to work to educate people about what the mine was really about. He said that Public Relations is all about education. One thing that stood out to me that I can definitely apply to Video Production is the importance of working for good, ethical companies. He made the metaphor: “you can’t pour perfume on a skunk and make it smell good.” Trying to talk up a bad company is “straight-up lying” he said. I will remember this when I am looking for employment and choose to work for people that I will feel confident representing through my work.