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COMM 100 – Weekly Blog 01

4-28-16 Class Summary

This week was my first day in class, as I recently changed my major from Business Management to Communication with an emphasis in Video Production. Today I got to learn from a presentation by John Thompson, BYU Idaho’s General Manager of I-Comm Student Media. I learned about all of the different opportunities that are available for Communication majors to gain invaluable experience within their chosen emphasis and beyond.  I remember him saying that when he looks at a resume, he doesn’t care about where the person went to school, he cares about real experience. One opportunity to gain writing, journalism, design, and publishing experience is with BYU Idaho Scroll. Soapbox Agency works on advertising and video productions for real clients. Our class got to hear from some of the students who work in these organizations, and it was really neat to see how willing and able this school is to give the students the real world experience we need. Whether it be leadership skills, the knowledge to work with professional equipment, or receiving and implementing project feedback, the Communication department is there to help us on our academic and career journey. I am excited to start learning everything I can and acquire new abilities.